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4 Ways to be a Professional Rummy Player

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So you’re a rummy expert and a winner at most games played in your group? Are you contemplating making a living out of this game? If so, know that this is a natural train of thought. But, also note that the switch to professional rummy comes with its set of risks, the primary one being money. If you’re looking to quit your current job to take up rummy full time, do a SWOT analysis for yourself and see where you stand. If you think you’re ready, go ahead and confidently take up the best opportunity to make the switch. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that you should make note of if you’re confident of making the big switch.

Readying a Bankroll

Taking up rummy professionally means having enough dedicated money that you are prepared to lose, should things not work in your favor. Trying to make a career out of any card game means you have the financial preparedness and the appetite for risk. Bankroll, which is the money set aside only for the purpose of playing these card games, is an important aspect to consider. Make sure you have enough money outside of your bankroll, so that your day-to-day life is not affected in any way. Bankroll and your other savings should never cross paths. Even after you have lost a substantial sum at a game, you shouldn’t find yourself regretting having staked that money. In rummy or any other card game, the bankroll is only a crucial component that has little sentimental or dearness value.

Organizing Your Hand

While playing, arrange your cards neatly. This way, not only can you focus better, but also think of high-scoring sequences and sets. Most rummy pros arrange their hand by color, in an alternate format. Clubs, followed by Hearts, followed by Spades, followed by Diamonds will make a black-red-black-red hand. The option of making this arrangement is available even when playing an Indian rummy game.

Being Analytical

After you’ve mastered the game of rummy, it becomes imperative that you think clearly about your every move. A rummy professional knows well when to drop a game or how to choose his cards from the deck. Any wrong move you make can cost you dearly if you don’t think it through in advance. If you have an unfavorable hand and in case you haven’t received any wild card or joker, it is advisable to let that round pass instead of playing for the heck of it and risking a loss. Similarly, you should be analytical enough to decide which card to go for from the deck. Logically, going for the top open card has a higher scope of work against you as your opponents can also see it. Shrewd and experienced opponents can even try and guess what sequence you’re intending on making. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid taking the open card.


It goes without saying that practice is the most important part of becoming a pro at anything. In rummy, too, you will need to practice continually in order to get better. An efficient way of doing this is by getting on rummy sites like Khelplayrummy, where, even if you wish to not involve any real cash, you can work on honing your skills and simultaneously learn from opponents’ strategies and moves. Spending time practicing on these sites will work advantageously for you as you will be able to learn new tricks and moves. Even if you’re not among those who play online rummy, you could try the free games option that a lot of these sites offer to spend some time self-learning.

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